Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moon Magick through the Zodiac

ƒ  Moon in Aries: Spells involving authority, willpower and rebirth.
ƒ  Moon in Taurus: Spells involving love, real estate, and money.
ƒ  Moon in Gemini: Spells involving communication, public relations and travel.
ƒ  Moon in Cancer: Spells involving domestic life and honoring lunar deities.
ƒ  Moon in Leo: Spells involving power over others, courage, child birth.
ƒ  Moon in Virgo: Spells involving employment matters, health and intellectual matters.
ƒ  Moon in Libra: Spells involving court cases, partnerships and artistic matters.
ƒ  Moon in Scorpio: Spells involving secrets, power and psychic growth.
ƒ  Moon in Sagittarius: Spells involving publications, sports and the truth.
ƒ  Moon in Capricorn: Spells involving career, political matters and ambition.
ƒ  Moon in Aquarius: Spells involving science, freedom, personal expression, problem solving, friendship.
ƒ  Moon in Pisces: Spells involving music, telepathy and clairvoyance.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Greek/Roman Goddesses of the Moon

Goddess: Artemis
Pantheon: Greek
Moon Phase: Maiden
Energies: Huntress, Protector
Symbols: Bears, Stags

Goddess: Diana
Pantheon: Roman
Moon Phase: Triple
Energies: Childbirth, women, huntress
Symbols: Dog, Stag, Beasts

Goddess: Hecate
Pantheon: Greek/Roman
Moon Phase: Triple
Energies: Witchcraft, huntress, wisdom, birth, life, death
Symbols: Dogs, Crossroads, Dragons

Goddess: Kore
Pantheon: Greece/Roman
Moon Phase: Maiden
Energies: Comfort & Guide Spirits of the Dead
Symbols: Pomegranate, red poppies

Goddess: The Muses
Pantheon: Greek
Moon Phase: Triple
Energies: Nine moon goddesses, 3x3, Inspiration & Art
Symbols: All arts

Goddess: Selene
Pantheon: Greek
Moon Phase: Mother
Energies: Enchantment, love, witchcraft
Symbols: Crown, wings, silver crescent.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Imbolc Meditation

Make yourself comfortable and relax.  Breathe slowly and deeply.  Allow your mind to drift as you look upon the candle flame flickering brightly, allow the flames to sweep you away…

You find yourself standing in a clearing, your breath forms before you in the cold as you look around. 

Blankets of snow cover the hard earth, the trees that surround you bare their leafless limbs and a biting wind brings sound to your ears, a metallic ringing can be heard in the distance. 

You set out to follow the sound, each step shifts the snow around your feet as you huddle within your layers for warmth. 

As you draw nearer the sound you see ahead of you a flickering light, with each step a shape emerges before you, it is a large wood and stone structure, strange within the barren land surrounding you yet you feel yourself drawn to the glow emanating from within. 

As you draw closer you see that the light is in fact the fires of a forge blazing bright.  Standing beside the forge you see a woman, tall and strong her bright auburn hair is tied back in a braid, and her green dress glows in the fires flames.  

As you watch you are surrounded by a sense of warmth, caring and peace, you realize who it is that stands before you, it is the goddess Brigid, creatrix, warrior, healer.

You watch as she works her creation into form, hammering away at the gleaming metal until she finally melds it to her will. 

She turns to you and holds forth her creation, the bronze glowing a brightly as the sun, you look upon the item she presents, it is her message to you, remember it to think upon later.

Stepping aside Brigid beckons you forth towards the flames, you gladly step closer to their warmth.  Now it is your turn she states, now is the time for you to create your vision, your new beginning, what is it you wish to bring to fruition? 

You gaze into the flames pondering your answer and as you do you see your vision begin to unfold before you and with the encouragement of Brigid’s hand on your shoulder you feed your desire into the flames focusing on that which is unfolding within. 

With each breathe your vision strengthens, you see your dream become reality and you are infused with a sense of encouragement, possibility and pride, you know that within you lies the strength to forge this change.

Turning towards the goddess you seek her guidance asking of her the wisdom needed to make this new journey, listen well…..

Turning back toward the forge you watch as the goddess claims your vision and with gentle care releases it into the universe before biding you farewell. 

You turn back towards the path you trod, bundling  yourself once more in preparation for the winter cold as you step forth from the forges grounds you notice a single crocus blooming in the winter snow, with a smile and a lighter heart you realize that it is indeed time for new beginnings and step forth with greater determination each step bringing you gently back to consciousness.