Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daily Draw

Firstly, life has been a little crazy so...

The last two days have been the following cards:

About - reclaiming your health and physicality, your passion and desires.

About - being cautious who you let enter and influence your life.

Today's Card:

This one is about finding something that was lost - taking hold of the good memories of the past and letting them cheer your present, something that will make you feel loved.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tarot Tuesday

The Tarot Spread

What is a Tarot Spread?
A spread is a pattern in which you lay out your tarot cards for a reading.  Each position is assigned a category designed to help give clarity to the question being read.  The idea is that by seeing where the card falls we gain a better understanding of the particular meaning of that card.  One can also look at the relationship between cards within a spread to gain further clarification as the ‘story’ is laid out before you.

How many cards are there in a spread?
You can have a spread that ranges from two to all 78 cards, though most commonly the spreads involve between six and 15 cards.

What are some of the different spreads?
 Some of the most common are the Celtic Cross, Three Card Spread, Five Card Spread, Ellipse Spread, The Mirror Spread, The Mandala Spread, Zodiac Spread,

The Celtic Cross:
The Celtic cross is made up of 10 cards.  Six cards make the circle cross and four make up the staff.  The cross section is made up of two separate crosses, the smaller cross in the center (The heart of the matter) and the larger cross (you past to present, conscious to unconscious)   The Staff relates to your life outside of the immediate situation.
Card 1&2 relate to the immediate situation – the present (card one) and the challenge (card two)
Card 3 provides your foundation, the root of the issue/question.
Card 4 is your recent past
Card 5 is related to the outcome, the potential development.
Card 6 is your immediate future
Card 7 is your inner feelings that are affecting the situation
Card 8 is external influences that are affecting the outcome
Card 9 is about hopes and fears or an overlooked factor.
Card 10 is the Final outcome