Friday, February 24, 2012

D is for - Dragon Magick

Dragons in Magick.

My understanding of dragons and magick is that there are roughly three paths that can be taken within this realm.
  1. Worship of Dragons as Deities in their own right.
  2. Working with Dragons as beings who exist in the spiritual/astral realms.
  3. Working with dragons as representations of elemental forces.

Now the first I can’t really talk that much about – it is the realm of practitioners that I a) don’t know and b) who don’t really talk about what they do.  It is not a type of dragon magick I participate in and I would not like to tread wrongly in this area.

The second is the one that resonates best with me, and as such is probably what will take up most of this post.  In my opinion Dragons exist – they exist on the astral/spiritual plains and will reach out and make contact if they so wish.  You cannot force the hand of a dragon, you cannot simply summon one into your circle and demand that they help with your magick.  You can attempt to reach out and make a connection, you can meditate, work ritual etc but a dragon will only come to you if it so wishes.

Working with a dragon will awaken those portions of a psyche that can tap into energy resources we were previously unaware of.  They are connected to the Super-Conscious mind.  When working with dragons it is vital that you give them respect – it is for this reason that I disagree with some of the interpretations of dragon magick that are out there.  Dragon’s are your guide, they operate of their own free will.  Most people I know would not demand that an animal guide come and interact with them, they would await a guide to step forth and find them, it is the same with dragons. 

Working dragon magick is not easy.  It involves time and dedication.  As with most magickal practices it can be emotional and draining and you must be prepared for all that can entail.  A dragon guide will teach you, but they will teach you what they believe you need to know not necessarily what it is you want to know. 

I personally do not believe that there are elemental dragons, I do not believe that you can call upon the dragon of earth, air, fire, water etc to do so limits the power of these beings.  You can by all means call upon dragons to stand for your quarters, but don’t try and pigeonhole them into specific categories.

The third category calls upon dragons invoking them into ritual and using them almost as elemental representations rather than actual beings in their own right.  This method seems to diminish the actual power of the dragons themselves by implying that they are at your beck and call.  I guess this is where the debate over DJ Conway’s works comes in – and what a debate it is.  You have those that love her and those that hate her.  You will find people who can’t recommend her books enough and you will find people who call it fluffy bunny and insulting to dragons – my suggestion, read it if you wish– it isn’t going to hurt you to do so – but trust your instincts on whether you agree with it or not, perhaps there are elements you do agree with and others you don’t.

My personal advice on working with dragons:  First, make sure you’re ready for the journey.  Second, meditate, journey and work your own magick to make connections, don’t follow a book, let yourself be your own guide.  Third, don’t be disappointed if nothing happens at first, perhaps it just isn’t your time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Growth Tree 2012

I was inspired to participate in this by a friend.  She held a class on this that unfortunately I couldn't make it to but I took up the challenge at home.  Essentially this is a collage of the things that I would like to 'grow' in 2012.  The picture is a little shoddy as it was taken with my cell phone - I'll try and upload something better when I get home and can take a photo with my camera.

Celtic Tree Month - Ash

Celtic Tree Calendar

What is it?
The Celtic Tree Calendar is based on the lunar cycle within a year, although it is often assigned fixed dates it should flow with the lunar cycle.  It is based on the Ogham alphabet.

This Moon:
This moon is Ash – from Feb18 –March 17
Ash is one of the sacred trees (along with Oak and Thorn) to Druids this moon cycle is good for doing magic associated with the inner self.
Ash is about growth and expansion, and soul growth.  About staying connected and grounded while also striving for higher enlightenment.

A little about Ash:
Ash leaves can be used to make a fasting tea that is also a diuretic.
Ash bark is said to cleanse the liver and spleen and make the immune system stronger.
Ash is sacred to Odin as it is known as the Yggdrassil.
Ash is often used in making magickal tools and is said to add extra “oomph” to their power.