Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celtic Tree Month - Ash

Celtic Tree Calendar

What is it?
The Celtic Tree Calendar is based on the lunar cycle within a year, although it is often assigned fixed dates it should flow with the lunar cycle.  It is based on the Ogham alphabet.

This Moon:
This moon is Ash – from Feb18 –March 17
Ash is one of the sacred trees (along with Oak and Thorn) to Druids this moon cycle is good for doing magic associated with the inner self.
Ash is about growth and expansion, and soul growth.  About staying connected and grounded while also striving for higher enlightenment.

A little about Ash:
Ash leaves can be used to make a fasting tea that is also a diuretic.
Ash bark is said to cleanse the liver and spleen and make the immune system stronger.
Ash is sacred to Odin as it is known as the Yggdrassil.
Ash is often used in making magickal tools and is said to add extra “oomph” to their power.

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