Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for...

  1. My immune system that allowed me to fight off the bugs going around at the moment.
  2. That my hubby got a great internship with his work that will make him happy and increase his skills.
  3. Getting to spend 2 days with my husband
  4. Rediscovering yoga
  5. My peacock colored scarf that just makes me smile from the colors.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some old writings

Found some old writing that I did several years ago and so I am sharing some of it here.

What is Magick?

The first new plant at winter’s end.
The blooming flower that breaks the trend.
The scent of Yule in the air.
The foal playing with the mare.

The caterpillar that has learnt to fly
Dancing clouds in the sky.
The sun that beats upon your face
Spider webs like intricate lace.

Faeries glimpsed in the eyes of a child
Walking forests tranquil and wild.
The moving power of the sea.
The thrumping sound of the tree.

The turning of the seasons each year.
A frosty morning bright and clear.
The autumn leaves that fall to the ground
You can’t deny that magick is all around.



Darkness ruled, like the nighttime sea
Alone in its swells was the one named She
Embodiment of all

Loneliness threatens to overwhelm
Another soul is desired in this realm
She weeps

Tears of her soul coalesce
Forming to matter at her request
He is born

Of her soul yet apart
Full of joy and open of heart
He embraces her

The two are joined as passion flows
Between them life begins to grow
Birth of the universe

The universe swells and increases in size
They’re driven apart to opposite sides
Balance is held

Forever to seek each other’s company
The universe is balanced by their flow of energy
They are deity