Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thirty Days of Hecate - Day 1

A quick rundown.

I'm participating in the 30 Days of Hecate program offered by Joanna Powell Colbert.  I tried to do one before but mundania got in the way.  Since I've been hearing Hekate's call for a while now, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to begin working with her more deeply.

Journaling prompt:
"At what crossroads do you stand?  How might you call to Hekate as your guide."

Sadly, I think I've been standing at these crossroads for some time, perhaps it is a slightly different fork in the journey, maybe I've made a few more steps and reached the next point, but I think they keep popping back up because I fail to take the path that deep down I know I should take.  That isn't to say that each journey down the other fork doesn't bring me something, but every time I hit a crossroads I know that one of the options is going to take me a particular place and I've yet to be able to bring myself to step down that path.  It is funny how you can simply walk yourself around and around in circles ignoring the hints and the 2x4s that come your way, deliberately finding excuses to put things off and say "next time."

This journey, this point in my life, this moment when I'm being presented with more and more evidence of the divine support that is willing to help me on this journey is the moment that I need to embrace.  I think that Hekate is waiting for me, I just need to seek her out.  She has come to me more strongly before, and she's definitely a weaker presence than she has been, but I still sense her there.  It is funny that for all the negative publicity that she gets I only get a gentle presence who is saying that you will get there when you are ready and I will be waiting for you when that time comes.  She is a guide, someone to assist with the journey, to prod you along when needed, to offer caring and love and support, to be the guiding light in the darkness.

In darkest night with failing light
to the deepest reaches are you drawn
to seek which lies within
the deepest darkness before the dawn

By a flickering light
on a distant path
she stands before you
dare you ask?

Wise beyond knowing
weaver of truth
seeker of  the depths
crone, mother or youth?

Shadows dance, with a glance she knows all
do you seek to delve deeper?
will you journey this path?
will you let me act as gatekeeper?

Before you are choices
nothing easy, but never too hard
you can press on together
you can take a different path

But if forward you go
she will happily be your guide
the crone, the torch bearer,
she will stand with you, eternally at your side.