Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oracle Draw - Sat 7th Jan 2012

Today's card - the Eclipse Mermaid.

Power is shifting, changes are coming and it is best not to try and fight it.  Allow what the universe brings to wash around you and go with the flow of it, to struggle against it or try and direct its energies is to make things worse for yourself.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A is for Air

The Element Air

Part of my journey this year is to get to know and work with the elements more in my life.  To this end I decided that the first ‘A’ blog for the Pagan Blog Project would be a good opportunity to work on the element of Air. I am not going to post a bunch of correspondences - there are numerous books, blogs and sites out there that can give you all the nitty gritty of what colors, stones, symbols and gods you can call upon.  I will give a little run down of what the element is though.

Air is the element of the mind.  Associated with the directional point East, Air represents the soul and breath of life.  Without Air we would not exist, we draw Air’s energy within us with each breath.  Being associated with the east dawn is the time of day associated with Air and Air helps ideas rise within us as the dawn brings the rising of the sun.

Air is movement and with its movement it can carry away our troubles or it can carry a message to those we love, it can cleanse our body and heal our soul and it can bring on the wind messages we seek.  Divination is associated with the element Air given its connection with the powers of the mind and concentration.  Enlightenment is the key of the element Air – it brings wisdom, and fulfills the part of the witches’ pyramid ‘To Know’.

I personally love the energy that is contained within Air – not only the balance that a simple deep breath can give the body but the way it can be playful or destructive, the emotions if can bring out and the energy it can raise within the body.  One of the most amazing experiences with Air I have ever had was during a very minor cyclone in Auckland, NZ.  Perhaps foolishly (although no more so than about 30 other people) the hubby and I decided to head down to the beach during this natural event and I braced myself against the ragging wind (you could lean forward at quite an angle if you wished without falling) spread my arms wide and allowed the energy of the winds to cleanse me completely.  I made sure I was nicely grounded so that I didn’t fill myself with the over abundance of energy available but I allowed myself to take in enough energy to feel complete revitalized like I’ve never felt before.

So in order to work with air for this month I think I will attempt to set up an Air altar in my house and meditate at it as often as I can.  I will try to get pictures up here of what the altar looks like when I am done.  For now I leave this post with a short poem that I wrote when meditating on the element of Air.

A gentle breeze caresses my face
I feel it enter this sacred space
A feather falls from the sky above
The goddess is showering me with love

Sylphs and fairies dance in the breeze
Alight themselves upon the trees
Watching as the flutes I play
Welcoming the lords of Air this day

Eye close, mind open, arms held wide
Cast my troubles to the skies
Lords of the air carry them away
Cleanse my mind, let no fears hold sway.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oracle Draw - Thur Jan 5th 2012

Today's card was the Sewer Mermaid.  This card is about suppressing not just your sensuality but yourself under negative thought patterns.  It is telling you that underneath the dark is a beauty that is an essential part of who you are and that it is time to cast off the darkness and embrace the beauty of you body and soul in its entirety.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What is a Pagan

A friend asked me this after I announced my pagan blog intentions of facebook so I decided that I would try to answer this question as best I could in a post here.

This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer.  When we move away from the traditional and original meaning of the word pagan and attempt to classify it within the realms of the modern world things become decidedly difficult.  What I have attempted to do is identify some of what I believe are core concepts of paganism – if people have differing opinions please express them.

  • Pagans tend to believe everything has a soul/spirit/energy, they see the divine in all life.
  • Some examples of Pagan paths are: Buddhism, Shintoism, Native religions (American, Australian, African etc), Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism, Asatru etc
  • Pagan’s honor nature, her cycles and her lessons.
  • We try to live as best we can in harmony with the earth and to honor life and all its cycles.
  • Generally we all recognize some form of the divine – the shape of that divine differs depending on your path and your personal outlook.
  • We acknowledge the divine within all and attempt to attain a spiritual union with that divine through various methods.

It’s a broad umbrella really that a lot of different beliefs come under.  It is impossible to narrow it down to a particular set of beliefs that all pagans follow because there are so many different paths.  

Clearing the Clutter

We often find ourselves stuck in a rut, feeling like we can't seem to get ourselves motivated, that no amount of wanting to get up and get going changes the fact that we find ourselves listless.  When it comes to these feelings we tend to overlook to obvious things around us that are connected to these feelings.  It is so easy to become tuned out to our surroundings to the point that we fail to actually recognize the impact that they have on our bodies and our minds.  If your house is cluttered, your office untidy, your kitchen a mess - all these things contribute to a lack of motivation and ability to focus in your life.  Every so often this hits me again, and I sit and wonder why it is that despite knowing this, and seeing and correcting this behavior within myself on a regular basis, I still find myself falling into the same patterns.

It is winter at the moment, and I know that my body is attempting to hibernate, this is a time for focusing in but its time to focus on the external today - the house needs a shake up so that I in turn get a shake up to my motivation.  So hubby and I have made a pact...tonight we clean!

Witchy Books Reading Challenge 2012

I am an avid reader - sadly I don't read as much of my choice as I like because I am also doing my Masters and that takes up a fair chunk of my reading time leaving my brain pretty wrung out by the time I'm done with it all.

Despite that, I have decided to try the Witchy Books Reading Challenge  to see how far I can get.  The rules are relatively simple, any genre and format is fine and anything with magic in it that leaves it pretty broad.  While I'd love to reach Witchy Bibliophile level, I'm thinking Lunar Booklover is about where I'll end up.

I don't have a set list of books that I want to read so I will just post them as I go along - I think I'll set a list up over to the right and add them as I get through them - if I'm really adventurous I'll attempt to give a brief review on here also.

Oracle Draw - Wed Jan 4th 2012

This is today's card - it is part of a larger pattern I've been drawing lately that seems determined to hit me over the head again and again with a message that I'm trying to take in but obviously the universe feels I need constant reminders of :)

What I got from this card is that I have within myself an incredible power, it is a part of me but I have bottled it, kept it from emerging as it should.  I need to open my eyes be true to myself and allow the energy and abilities that are mine to manifest.

Oracle Readings

Okay, so I am going to attempt to post my oracle draws for each day here on the site.  I have several different oracle decks at home but by far the ones that are resonating the best with me at the moment are the Oracle of Shadows and Light - Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Beckett-Griffith.

I don't believe these are out in the USA just yet - although you can pre-order from amazon.  JBG has the information on her website.  I purchased mine from Australia.  

So until further notice these will be the cards I will be using - I will attempt to post an image of the card I draw as well as the message I get from it.  I'm guessing this might not be a regular event over weekends as I tend to break routine those days :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pagan Blog Challenge

Alright, I'm taking up the wonderful Pagan Blog Challenge for 2012 - can't think of a better way to keep myself motivated with this new project.  I will have to calendar myself that I need to post though I think :)  Life does have a habit of getting away from me.

Anyone after more info check out the link to the right.

Let's try this again

Okay, so this is a resurrection of a blog that I once had up and running that his now deleted and has had some elements moved over to this one.  The intention of this blog, and the previous, was to keep my motivated about my continuing journey along the pagan path - I sadly admit that I didn't hold out long in keeping this up previously.  It is my new goal to ensure that I do keep this blog going and that I post to it at least once a week.

I have several friends who have their posts going and I'm hoping that by seeing theirs I will be reminded and motivated to do mine.  What I plan to put in here I'm not completely certain of.  I will hopefully get my daily draws placed in here - I try to do an oracle card in the mornings and a rune at night, I record them on paper but I'd like to put them here also.  I would also like to get at least one post a week about a pagan topic, we'll see how that goes.  Around the Sabbats I'd like to post something related to those and maybe some information on the various moons for the month etc.

I can but try, we'll see how this all shapes up.