Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clearing the Clutter

We often find ourselves stuck in a rut, feeling like we can't seem to get ourselves motivated, that no amount of wanting to get up and get going changes the fact that we find ourselves listless.  When it comes to these feelings we tend to overlook to obvious things around us that are connected to these feelings.  It is so easy to become tuned out to our surroundings to the point that we fail to actually recognize the impact that they have on our bodies and our minds.  If your house is cluttered, your office untidy, your kitchen a mess - all these things contribute to a lack of motivation and ability to focus in your life.  Every so often this hits me again, and I sit and wonder why it is that despite knowing this, and seeing and correcting this behavior within myself on a regular basis, I still find myself falling into the same patterns.

It is winter at the moment, and I know that my body is attempting to hibernate, this is a time for focusing in but its time to focus on the external today - the house needs a shake up so that I in turn get a shake up to my motivation.  So hubby and I have made a pact...tonight we clean!

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