Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Greek/Roman Goddesses of the Moon

Goddess: Artemis
Pantheon: Greek
Moon Phase: Maiden
Energies: Huntress, Protector
Symbols: Bears, Stags

Goddess: Diana
Pantheon: Roman
Moon Phase: Triple
Energies: Childbirth, women, huntress
Symbols: Dog, Stag, Beasts

Goddess: Hecate
Pantheon: Greek/Roman
Moon Phase: Triple
Energies: Witchcraft, huntress, wisdom, birth, life, death
Symbols: Dogs, Crossroads, Dragons

Goddess: Kore
Pantheon: Greece/Roman
Moon Phase: Maiden
Energies: Comfort & Guide Spirits of the Dead
Symbols: Pomegranate, red poppies

Goddess: The Muses
Pantheon: Greek
Moon Phase: Triple
Energies: Nine moon goddesses, 3x3, Inspiration & Art
Symbols: All arts

Goddess: Selene
Pantheon: Greek
Moon Phase: Mother
Energies: Enchantment, love, witchcraft
Symbols: Crown, wings, silver crescent.