Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year - New Blog

So with the new year peering around the corner I have decided that it is time to dip my toes back into this blog with some revamping along the way.  Sadly, I will not be participating in the Pagan Blog Project in 2013 - as anyone who has seen this blog can tell I just couldn't keep up with it this past year and I have my thesis to write in the new year so I will have even less time to work on extra items for an extended period.

With that in mind I've decided to set myself some blogging goals though.  To start with I've tried to assign a blog theme to each day of the week and I will attempt to post something on each week day.  I am toying with running an overall theme for the year (Deities, Alphabet topic choice, etc) that would run on a fortnightly or monthly basis, but I'm not decided yet.

I have moved my oracle readings and tarot readings over to a separate blog (there is a link on the right hand side of the page) so that they don't take up all the space here.  I would also like to do some more reviews of books and other items on the site as well.  This, I believe, will force me to critically engage a little more with things.  I would like to schedule posts for each of the 13 moons and the Celtic tree months also.

So there is my ambitious goal.  Hopefully, this place wont collect too much dust between the months of February - August as I complete my thesis.