Friday, May 4, 2012

Intellectualism , or stepping beyond the 101.

I apologize, this is going to be a rant - so if you do not wish to read it, move on now.

I have grown absolutely frustrated and infuriated by those who do not approach this path without a willingness to apply a little intellectual discernment to their practices.  I understand that in the beginning everything is new and shiny and generally you are so wrapped up in attempting to find out about it all that you pick up books and things from the web and devour them with a ferocious appetite but at some point you have to let go of the mere intake of "knowledge" and challenge what you are reading, critically analyse the data and apply your own common sense and ingrained spiritual knowledge and come up with your own understanding and path.

There aren't a lot of advanced wicca or witchcraft books out there - because you can't find that in a book.  You can buy all the 101 books you want, it usually shouldn't take long before you reach the conclusion that it is all just a regurgitation of the same ideas perhaps with a different gloss.  So move beyond it people, challenge what you're reading, form your own ideas.  Explore other paths, pick up books on topics that help make this spiritual journey, these aren't books that are going to have a pretty witchy title and spoon feed you information, they are books on psychology, on energy work, on mysticism, on mythology that will challenge you to better understand yourself and the world around you.  They will motivate you to explore your path, to attempt to connect to the universe, to feel secure in your own knowledge and practice because you've taken the time to understand yourself and the world.  They will open your eyes to connections you have not seen.  Then take this and work with it, meditate, journey work, hell just somehow open yourself up to the answers that are waiting for you in the universe.  You want an answer to something, observe nature, watch people, really SEE the world and you will find it.

We follow a mystery tradition - that involves practice, it involves exploring the dark depths of ourselves, it involves coming to terms with our position in the world and the universe and how we view magic and deity and energy and this cannot come from merely reading books and not thinking.  Maybe I've just reached a point in my journey where I crave something deeper but I get so frustrated at those who profess to walk this path but who refuse to think for themselves.  We do not hold a book as gospel, a sacred text that one should follow - there are some great books out there I acknowledge that - but take the information and think about it critically, process it through your own belief system and your gut instinct of what feels right or wrong, or makes sense.  Anyone can write a book, it doesn't mean that they are right.  Engage your brain!  How I could go on about all the crap that cycles around about the 'burning times' by witches who haven't got a clue what the history of the period is because all they've done is read some revisionist new age crap about how it is the witches holocaust etc etc without looking into the history of the period.  Or those who profess the roots of Wicca go back to medieval, ancient or neolithic times, utter crap!  Wicca is a modern tradition (and there is nothing wrong with that, just don't make it out to be something it isn't).

I have nothing against those who seek answers, who ask questions as long as they are willing to take that information and use it as a springboard for exploring their OWN thoughts and ideas.  It frustrates me to see constantly people asking for a spell for this, how to do that, what this means without putting effort into finding the answers for themselves.  How is someone else's view of deity or magic going to get you anywhere?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the wonderful friends that have come into my life recently.  That is not to say that I am not thankful for those friends that have been with me for a long time but rather that I'm taking a moment to be thankful for those who have been with me since my journey to the USA.  I have been incredibly lucky to have developed some amazing friendships since my move, and not all with people within the USA.  I am honored that these people have taken the time to get to know the real me and accept it no matter what.  In particular a few friends who have watched me cry and simply held space for me, who have let me vent and allowed me to feel out my own emotions and who love me unconditionally and whom I will cherish forever and be there for even if we are oceans apart.

Source:  (For the phoenix, dancer, frog and butterfly in my life)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Today's Wellness Wednesday is in celebration of my having commenced (once again) the C25k program. For those unaware of the program more information can be found here.  Essentially it is a 9 week program designed to get you off the couch and running 5k (approximately 3 miles for those using that system).  I have attempted this program 2 times before and never made it through.  The first time I was just too damned unfit.  The Second time I broke my ankle which put paid to that.  So I'm at it once more.

Last night I did my first day of week one and I was very proud of myself - compared to where I was when I stopped last time I was less out of breath and covered more distance.  The out of breath thing is huge for me.  I'm an asthmatic and since I've move to the USA I have not been able to take my instant relief medication because I have bad reactions to the brands available here so I've had to learn to control my breathing and my attacks without medication.  It has taken a long time but I can now play a full game of indoor soccer and go running without needing my medication at all.

Now I'm not a runner by nature - give me a really long walk any day, but I acknowledge that I need to get my butt moving if I want to be healthy again so I figured why not really challenge myself.  Plus my hubby is a runner who hates walking so it gives us an excuse to spend some time together (which we get precious little of).  Where will I go once I achieve the 9 weeks?  I don't know.  Maybe I'll learn to love running, maybe I'll always be one of those people that just suffers through it.  All I know is that for the time being I'm trying.

Daily Draw

From the Book: 
"There is such a challenging choice to be made at the moment.  One thing must be left, for its rightful place is not with you.  The choice must be made."

Personal Interpretation:
I had a very specific question in mind today as well.  Usually I draw a card asking for guidance on a general level but I'm dealing with a big issue right now and so I focused on that.  The card is no surprise really and ties in well with yesterday's draw.  I am torn between two things right now and I do feel that I can't 'abandon' one for the other and that if I do there will be hurt and pain but I know I have to do what is right for me.  Why is it doing what is right for oneself is often the hardest thing to do?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tarot Tuesday

The Minor Arcana

The minor arcana deal with the every day.  Unlike the major arcana that relate to overarching themes and universal concepts the minor arcana is about the feelings and actions that exist in everyday life.

There are 4 suits that make up the minor arcana – Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles.  Each suit relates to and element




Feelings, Emotions, Relationships, Psychic
Cup is our emotions, social interactions and ceremony.
Round, open, receptive



Finances, health, material world
Solid material, business matters (coin), the human body.
Solid, Material, exchange



Passion, inspiration, action, creativity
Creative project, passions, energy, social networking
Natural, fuel, crafted



Mental, intellectual, communication
Sword cuts through air – we battle with our intellect.  The sword is our mind
Battle, enforcement, authority


Further structure is given when each suit is the divided up with the number Ace to Ten and the court cards of King, Queen, Knight, Page.

Ace – The ace card is always positive.  It represents the themes of the suit, it is the start, the spark.
Two – Union, growth, balance and harmony.
Three – Vital forces, creative success
Four – Structure, rules, practical, strength
Five – Change, challenge, battles, motion
Six – Beginning of success, peace, rewards
Seven – Inward journeys, intuition,
Eight – Opportunity, abundance, cause and effect
Nine – Nearing the end of the cycle, reassessment, spirituality, deeper levels
Ten – Overview of accomplishments, rejoice in your successes.
Page (Princesses) – Child: adventure, possibility, spontaneous approach, a seed planted.  Related to the element of Earth.
Knight (Princes) – Youth/Teen: Movement, spirit and energy.  Related to the element of Air.
Queen – Maturity & Feminine: inward focus, relationships, self-expression, creative force.  Related to the element of Water.
King – Maturity & Masculine: Authority and control, mastery, direct, practical, how-to. Related to the Element of Fire


Daily Draw

Today I pulled a card with a specific question in mind.  There is a decision that has been hanging around in the back of my head for some time now that needs addressing.  I've pondered it and pulled this card before and ignored the advice but I think I really need to take it this time.  It is not going to be easy, and conflict scares me a little, but at some point we have to do what is right for ourselves no matter how hard.  It is time for me to let got of a circumstance that has me giving more of myself than I have time to give with very little reward on a spiritual level.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Meditative Monday

Placing the blame or judgment on someone else leaves you powerless to change your experience. Taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them. – Byron Katie

This is something I am attempting to work on in myself.  Our judgments of others is a good reflection of ourselves and I think it is important that we stop and consider why we feel this way about this person and their actions so that we can better understand our own minds and our own values as well as what it is about ourselves that we are obviously not happy with or not coming to terms with.