Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tarot Tuesday

The Minor Arcana

The minor arcana deal with the every day.  Unlike the major arcana that relate to overarching themes and universal concepts the minor arcana is about the feelings and actions that exist in everyday life.

There are 4 suits that make up the minor arcana – Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles.  Each suit relates to and element




Feelings, Emotions, Relationships, Psychic
Cup is our emotions, social interactions and ceremony.
Round, open, receptive



Finances, health, material world
Solid material, business matters (coin), the human body.
Solid, Material, exchange



Passion, inspiration, action, creativity
Creative project, passions, energy, social networking
Natural, fuel, crafted



Mental, intellectual, communication
Sword cuts through air – we battle with our intellect.  The sword is our mind
Battle, enforcement, authority

Source: http://www.mistertarot.com/ten-things-you-didn%E2%80%99t-want-to-know-about-tarot-3./

Further structure is given when each suit is the divided up with the number Ace to Ten and the court cards of King, Queen, Knight, Page.

Ace – The ace card is always positive.  It represents the themes of the suit, it is the start, the spark.
Two – Union, growth, balance and harmony.
Three – Vital forces, creative success
Four – Structure, rules, practical, strength
Five – Change, challenge, battles, motion
Six – Beginning of success, peace, rewards
Seven – Inward journeys, intuition,
Eight – Opportunity, abundance, cause and effect
Nine – Nearing the end of the cycle, reassessment, spirituality, deeper levels
Ten – Overview of accomplishments, rejoice in your successes.
Page (Princesses) – Child: adventure, possibility, spontaneous approach, a seed planted.  Related to the element of Earth.
Knight (Princes) – Youth/Teen: Movement, spirit and energy.  Related to the element of Air.
Queen – Maturity & Feminine: inward focus, relationships, self-expression, creative force.  Related to the element of Water.
King – Maturity & Masculine: Authority and control, mastery, direct, practical, how-to. Related to the Element of Fire

Source: http://tarotinateacup.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/haindl-tarot/

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