Monday, January 30, 2012

Daily Draw - Mon Jan 30th, 2012

Seeing a theme in my draws lately...had this one a few times... am I not getting the message?  maybe.

A gentle reminder I believe that I need to carry through with my plans, keep working at it and the results will come.  Remember to take the time to grow, to nurture it and to allow it to happen.  It won't happen by magic :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daily Draw - Sunday Jan 29th, 2012

Seems a theme in my life right now, and strangely apt for today's events.

A process of casting off the old, things that tie you down, emotions that are binding you right now and aren't good for you.  Walk through the fire and wear your life lessons, Kali is here to help.

Daily Draw - Friday Jan 27th, 2012

Its a little late I know but here it is.  I had a very important question in mind when I drew this card and it gave me all the answer I needed.

Sea Storm - Calm amidst the Chaos

While there may be chaos and turmoil around you - you can get through it.  Trust your gut.   Close your eyes and open yourself to your intuition and you will know what path to follow.  The answer you seek is within you, you need to just connect to it.