Friday, March 2, 2012

Daily Draw - March 2nd 2012

From the Book:
"It is time for you to seek your own truth, your own power, and rediscover your own self-love."  "This is the time to awaken to delusion, and free yourself from control with a connection standing directly between you, and the divine."

Personal Interpretation:
A reflection of exactly what I was thinking about/toying with the last 12 hrs or so.  I have allowed myself to give up a little too much of my time and power to a task that is unbalancing my life and making me incredibly stressed and I need to take a step back and regain my power and balance.

New Oracle Cards!!!!

Okay a little happy dance of joy here - I have new oracle cards and I'm so excited.    They are the latest collaboration between Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith.  I already own the Oracle of Shadow and Light and I love this deck, it is amazingly accurate.  Now I own the Oracle of the Shapeshifters.  My plan is that the Shapeshifters oracle will be the one I take to work to do my draws etc in the morning.  The hope is that by doing this I will be able to get my daily draw going again.  The Shadows and Light I will use at home.

I adore Jasmine's artwork - it is so amazingly vivid that I have absolutely no issues reading the cards and getting the message that I'm meant to receive.  Yesterday when the cards arrived I flipped through them all and these are the four I enjoyed the most.

I don't think these are available in the USA yet, I think the Oracle of Shadows and Light only just released.  I purchased mine in Australia from Blue Angel Publishing and I personally feel its totally worth the extra expense.