Monday, July 23, 2012

Meditative Monday

Yes, I know - a very long was kicking my butt.  But I'm trying to get back on track now.

Once again - words of wisdom from

Leave enough time for fun. – Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to see things clearly.  Never let your life become so filled with work, your mind become so crammed with worry, or your heart become so jammed with old hurts or anger, that there’s no room left in them for fun, for awe, or for joy.

I've been feeling this one a lot lately - how little time I really leave myself for fun, hell for anything other than work and school.  I'm not living life right now and it frustrates and saddens me, but its also a really hard trap to work yourself out of.  SO that is my goal for the next two weeks.  I have a break from classes for two weeks so my goal is to try and establish some form of routine that incorporates things for me that will also allow study time.  We'll see how it goes.