Friday, May 4, 2012

Intellectualism , or stepping beyond the 101.

I apologize, this is going to be a rant - so if you do not wish to read it, move on now.

I have grown absolutely frustrated and infuriated by those who do not approach this path without a willingness to apply a little intellectual discernment to their practices.  I understand that in the beginning everything is new and shiny and generally you are so wrapped up in attempting to find out about it all that you pick up books and things from the web and devour them with a ferocious appetite but at some point you have to let go of the mere intake of "knowledge" and challenge what you are reading, critically analyse the data and apply your own common sense and ingrained spiritual knowledge and come up with your own understanding and path.

There aren't a lot of advanced wicca or witchcraft books out there - because you can't find that in a book.  You can buy all the 101 books you want, it usually shouldn't take long before you reach the conclusion that it is all just a regurgitation of the same ideas perhaps with a different gloss.  So move beyond it people, challenge what you're reading, form your own ideas.  Explore other paths, pick up books on topics that help make this spiritual journey, these aren't books that are going to have a pretty witchy title and spoon feed you information, they are books on psychology, on energy work, on mysticism, on mythology that will challenge you to better understand yourself and the world around you.  They will motivate you to explore your path, to attempt to connect to the universe, to feel secure in your own knowledge and practice because you've taken the time to understand yourself and the world.  They will open your eyes to connections you have not seen.  Then take this and work with it, meditate, journey work, hell just somehow open yourself up to the answers that are waiting for you in the universe.  You want an answer to something, observe nature, watch people, really SEE the world and you will find it.

We follow a mystery tradition - that involves practice, it involves exploring the dark depths of ourselves, it involves coming to terms with our position in the world and the universe and how we view magic and deity and energy and this cannot come from merely reading books and not thinking.  Maybe I've just reached a point in my journey where I crave something deeper but I get so frustrated at those who profess to walk this path but who refuse to think for themselves.  We do not hold a book as gospel, a sacred text that one should follow - there are some great books out there I acknowledge that - but take the information and think about it critically, process it through your own belief system and your gut instinct of what feels right or wrong, or makes sense.  Anyone can write a book, it doesn't mean that they are right.  Engage your brain!  How I could go on about all the crap that cycles around about the 'burning times' by witches who haven't got a clue what the history of the period is because all they've done is read some revisionist new age crap about how it is the witches holocaust etc etc without looking into the history of the period.  Or those who profess the roots of Wicca go back to medieval, ancient or neolithic times, utter crap!  Wicca is a modern tradition (and there is nothing wrong with that, just don't make it out to be something it isn't).

I have nothing against those who seek answers, who ask questions as long as they are willing to take that information and use it as a springboard for exploring their OWN thoughts and ideas.  It frustrates me to see constantly people asking for a spell for this, how to do that, what this means without putting effort into finding the answers for themselves.  How is someone else's view of deity or magic going to get you anywhere?

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  1. *Claps* Bloody well said hunni!! I liked your rant and can I just add a "Go Girl" too ;)