Friday, January 6, 2012

A is for Air

The Element Air

Part of my journey this year is to get to know and work with the elements more in my life.  To this end I decided that the first ‘A’ blog for the Pagan Blog Project would be a good opportunity to work on the element of Air. I am not going to post a bunch of correspondences - there are numerous books, blogs and sites out there that can give you all the nitty gritty of what colors, stones, symbols and gods you can call upon.  I will give a little run down of what the element is though.

Air is the element of the mind.  Associated with the directional point East, Air represents the soul and breath of life.  Without Air we would not exist, we draw Air’s energy within us with each breath.  Being associated with the east dawn is the time of day associated with Air and Air helps ideas rise within us as the dawn brings the rising of the sun.

Air is movement and with its movement it can carry away our troubles or it can carry a message to those we love, it can cleanse our body and heal our soul and it can bring on the wind messages we seek.  Divination is associated with the element Air given its connection with the powers of the mind and concentration.  Enlightenment is the key of the element Air – it brings wisdom, and fulfills the part of the witches’ pyramid ‘To Know’.

I personally love the energy that is contained within Air – not only the balance that a simple deep breath can give the body but the way it can be playful or destructive, the emotions if can bring out and the energy it can raise within the body.  One of the most amazing experiences with Air I have ever had was during a very minor cyclone in Auckland, NZ.  Perhaps foolishly (although no more so than about 30 other people) the hubby and I decided to head down to the beach during this natural event and I braced myself against the ragging wind (you could lean forward at quite an angle if you wished without falling) spread my arms wide and allowed the energy of the winds to cleanse me completely.  I made sure I was nicely grounded so that I didn’t fill myself with the over abundance of energy available but I allowed myself to take in enough energy to feel complete revitalized like I’ve never felt before.

So in order to work with air for this month I think I will attempt to set up an Air altar in my house and meditate at it as often as I can.  I will try to get pictures up here of what the altar looks like when I am done.  For now I leave this post with a short poem that I wrote when meditating on the element of Air.

A gentle breeze caresses my face
I feel it enter this sacred space
A feather falls from the sky above
The goddess is showering me with love

Sylphs and fairies dance in the breeze
Alight themselves upon the trees
Watching as the flutes I play
Welcoming the lords of Air this day

Eye close, mind open, arms held wide
Cast my troubles to the skies
Lords of the air carry them away
Cleanse my mind, let no fears hold sway.


  1. I love it and would love to see the pictures of your altar! <3 x x x

  2. Please I can't wait to see pictures of the altar. Air has always been the element I have had most issues physically representing.

  3. Wonderful! Really enjoyed your poem and would love to see you Altar pictures x

  4. aughhh, the element of air, it joyously leaves all my witchy bits tingling. I love going outdoors when it is very windy or starting to storm... facing the East and opening my arms wide.. Empowering, cleaning and invigorating. As an ex pat NZ'er I know some of the cyclones that blow through there... bit foolish perhaps haha but so totally understandable. *smiles*

  5. beautiful! I especially loved the poem!

  6. Very nice post. Thank you for sharing!