Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daily Draw

From the Book:
"There is a possibility of strong and compulsive nostalgia, regrets, thinking over and over an old issue, believing life has robbed or cheated you somehow, and forgetting to glory in the incredible blessing of breathing in and out.  There may be a fixation on past lives and childhood hurts, an obsession with finding what went wrong to explain your pain."

Personal Message:
I do fixate on the past, I'm a dweller - I relive and reanalyze things from my past over and over again.  Lately I've been trying to stop myself with the mantra "I'm not my past, I don't live there anymore."  But in some ways I think looking into the past is a good thing, one cannot heal unless one can understand why the pain exists.  I guess the message here is balance though.  Don't allow yourself to live in the world of the past - visit, take note, and then come back to the present and heal yourself and move on with your life.

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