Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wellness Wednesday - Taking Time Out

A dear friend, QLD, Australia.

Yesterday was a glorious reminder to me of the importance of taking time out.  I lead a fairly hectic life (not as hectic as some I know) and I have noticed especially since moving to the USA that I don't take time out as much as I used to simply to enjoy doing something.  Yesterday the hubby decided to leave work early and come home at the same time I did so that we could spend some time together.  We don't often get to do this because I work from 7-4:30 and he works from 10-7.  So we decided to clean the BBQ and fire her up for the first time this season and enjoy a nice leisurely dinner out on our balcony.

This type of dining is something I dearly miss from back home - and I will admit I don't enjoy the fact that our balcony looks over the main street so anyone walking by can see us as well as the neighbors - but there is just something nice about eating out in the fresh air and sunshine that makes the food taste better.  Plus, hubby and I are notorious for eating dinner while watching an episode of something on the couch because it is usually our only down time we have all day.  So this meant that we got to talk to each other as well (something our relationship is missing a lot lately).

It was amazing the tone that this period of 'time out' set for the evening.  Both hubby and myself were more relaxed and dealing with school work was much more productive.  It is funny how we forget this, these simple things that make life living.  That make you appreciate the time you have, the world around you and the people you love.  That make the journey worth it and help you to re-focus.  And that I am certain help extend your lifespan also.

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful day!! Sounds very relaxing *Hugs*