Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daily Draw

"There is such a challenging choice to be made at the moment...So Choose. Act. Get clear, stay open and calm, and the decision will come.  But the choice, this card insists, must be made - no more compromise on this."

This card is all about the tough choices - needing to choose a path instead of trying to do it all - don't I know about this in my life.  I'm also an amazing procrastinator and I think this plays a part here too.  I need to recognize that those things left behind will do just fine without me.

Interestingly enough a second card dropped out of my deck while shuffling that I didn't even notice until I moved my keyboard and found it sitting there.

"A deliberate effort to move away from naval-gazing and procrastination by self-analysis will transform into a determination to become through doing, and thinking, and being, and sharing and insisting on the new realities truths for you."

A double kick in the pants maybe?  Or a clarifier as to which area of my life the first draw is referring to.  There is definitely a need for me to take a dive here - I know the plunge will be worth the reward, but still I procrastinate and am perhaps in a little fear also.

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