Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

As I've been feeling a little off this past week with one of those annoying dry throats that wont go away - but seems to only be present when I'm at work (Obviously I'm allergic to work) I thought today's Wellness Wednesday could use some info on battling colds, flu and other nasties the natural way.

Peppermint oil - okay I love this stuff.  It is my 'go to' for so many things.  I use it to combat headaches mostly (I'm a migraine sufferer) but it is also great for clearing up the respiratory tract as well as an awesome way to cool off on a hot day (peppermint oil infused spritz, or a few drops on the back of the neck).

Eucalyptus - now this one seems to be most peoples 'go to' for any kind of winter nasty, and I know that it does work, but I'm allergic to the stuff (nasty migraines ensue) so I can't really speak from personal experience here.

Feverfew - as the name indicates its a great one for helping take down those nasty fevers.

Ginger - in tea it is great for heating you up when you've managed to stay out in the nasty weather long enough to get a chill.  It is also a good one to include in meals on a regular basis.

Garlic - I eat lots of this on a regular basis, I add it to meals and any recipe that actually calls for it has the amount doubled.  It is great to help keep you healthy.

Yarrow Flowers - will fight inflammation and can help make you sweat out that nasty stuff :)

Marshmallow Root - great for coating a raw sore throat.  (As is slippery elm bark)

Thyme - helps to loosen up all that gunkiness sitting in your throat.

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