Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shadow Journey

Felt the muses descend today so Witchy Wednesday is my poetry.

Shadow Journey

Welcome to the deep within
The place where your true journey begins.
Fear not the shadows that loom large
They are not the ones in charge.
You have had the courage to go this far
Open to your inner shining star.
Beat the drums and blow the horns
It’s time to embrace you in all your forms.
The past has taught you to be strong
Hold not onto it too long.
But step forth into the strength and power
That is yours like the blooming flower.
Embrace the shadow and make it yours
Feel it sink into your very pores.
For you are a being of true power
Now is the time, now is the hour.

All original content copyright Julie Grucza, 2012-2013

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