Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daily Oracle - Thurs Jan 12th 2012

Okay its been a while - I'm having issues finding time to get the draw in before I leave for work.  I know I could get up a little earlier - but getting up at 5:45am is early enough for this little night owl.  So I'm questing at the moment for a deck that won't mind coming to work with me so I can do my draw there - all my current decks are letting me know they like where they are, so we'll see how that progresses.

Today's card - well lets just say there have been a lot of endings in my life of late and the contemplation of a few more still going on and I think this card is an important one.  I need to remember that from every ending there comes a new beginning and that journeys are meant to end so others can start.  I particularly liked this phrase from the book:

"Can you walk forward without hesitating? Can you say yes to what will come for you, on the other side of Kali's fire?  And will you wear your lessons proudly, as she does her necklace, and know that this death is an incarnation within an incarnation, a new life within this lifetime, born of fire."

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