Friday, January 13, 2012

A is for Algiz


The Elk’s-sedge has its home most oft in the fen.
It waxes in water, wounds grimly.
The blood burns of every man
Who makes any grasp at it.

Pronounced ‘All-Yeese’

Algiz is part of the Elder Futhark Runes – an alphabet used for divination, writing and magick.  I will go into more depth on this when I post on the Runes themselves later in the year.

Algiz is the Rune of Protection and Divine Connection.  It symbolizes reaching up to the divine, some say the shape of the rune reflects the antlers of the elk, the shape of the sedge-grass herb or a hand raised.

Algiz represents success through endeavors or enterprise.  You will be protected in your journey as long as you are guided by wisdom and clarity of mind.   It symbolizes the awakening of the higher self.

You can use Algiz as a symbol of protection, you can put it on a talisman, inscribe it over your door to protect the home.  You can use it as a channel for energies and the divine.

Gemstone: Amethyst
Number: 15
Color: Gold
Element: Air
Gods: Heimdall
Astrological Sign: Cancer

Algiz can be associated with the tarot card of the Hermit, who spends their life questing inward for enlightenment and who possesses wisdom and a clarity of mind. 

It has however also been commonly associated with the Moon.

I've been working with the runes for some time now.  I find they are good for a nightly draw, a way to reflect on the day or issues that are troubling me.  I quite often use them in my artwork also adding their energy to the message of my work.  I've made my own before with glass beads and pain pens but I would like to one day make a set from crystals engraving them.  To this end I've been collecting crystals for a while now - different ones that appeal to me to represent certain stones, I'm curious to see how a mixed stone set would work rather than the usual sets that are all one stone or wood type.


  1. I have always been fascinated with runes. I used to have a set I made, and I cannot recall what ever happened to them. I think its time to make a new set. :-)

  2. I love that "The Moon" image. Beautiful. I recently crafted my runes out of glass, too. I haven't gotten around to empowering them yet.... it's been an off sort of week. I never thought about putting Algiz on my door before...great idea! Blessings. ~)O(~

  3. I've always been drawn to Algiz - now that you mention the Moon, Amethyst and the element of Air - I'm not surprised - great blog hunni x x