Wednesday, April 4, 2012

F is for Facing your Fears

I have been blessed this past little while to have been able to journey down my shadow path with two very dear friends.  The support that I have been given by them in facing my fears has been incredible and it is only just the beginning of this journey.  I did not realize how much better the shadow working experience could be when done with others rather than faced alone, suddenly things seem less insurmountable and there are people who understand and who can offer an outside perspective.

My journey into the shadow is an important part of the spiritual path I'm taking right now, I feel that in order to truly tap into my own spiritual being I need to address the issues of my shadow.  Until I have faced some of my fears I cannot truly embrace the mysteries that my chosen path has waiting for me.  One of my biggest fears is letting go and that is an important element if I am to truly journey down the rabbit hole of mystery traditions.  Due to experiences in my past I have a serious need to be in control all the time - the idea of giving up my self completely to an experience or deity scares the crap out of me to be blunt.  The idea of allowing myself to let go enough to do certain journey work is also a big fear of mine and these are key ingredients that need to be addressed.

In the short time that I've been working with my shadow I have seen vast improvements - I can't recommend it enough, although only when you feel you are ready.  I have a long hard journey ahead of me but so far the rewards are proving worth it.  Fear exists to be conquered and through shadow work I'm conquering mine.

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  1. (((Calenth))) I struggle with the same shadows on control and came to the same conclusion - we cannot walk a free path whilst holding ourselves back. Thank you for showing your courage here to overcome your shadow - you are a wonderful brave friend and I hope I have the same strength as you do *Hugs*