Wednesday, April 4, 2012

F is for Finding Time

Given how late this blog posting is I find the title rather appropriate.  I have obviously been struggling with finding time in my life for all things, but especially for this project and other spiritual activities.  Why is it that as soon as life gets busy my spiritual practices are the first things to get put on hold?  This is a failing of mine that I need to work on but obviously there are outside pressures that make it easier to put this on the back burner rather than work or school.  Lets face it nothing is going to come down and smite you for not practicing your meditations or chakra work etc - however, should you not show up at work or fail to hand in an assignment things have immediate consequences.  Of course that isn't to say that not partaking of activities to nourish the soul don't have consequences - lets face it, we become disconnected if we don't, but they are less 'in your face' so we tend to pass them off as not existing.

So this is my dilemma, making myself make time for myself and my spiritual path.  I work full time, I am going to school part time to do my Masters degree, I have a house to maintain, I play soccer and I have my coven group and that pretty much fills my week (I'm so glad I don't have children to add into that equation) - I'm usually so exhausted that any down time I have I spend not wanting to engage my brain or napping, its a nasty little cycle.

So I'm trying to learn to make time within my busy schedule.  I found an awesome chakra CD that has music that I can feel stimulating each chakra so I listen to that at work while I'm working (trying to multi-task).  I may end up putting this project off to a once every two weeks thing - I have every other Friday off so I can get two posts done then and just deal with it that way, its not how it is supposed to go but I also don't want to give up on this.  Need to get back into the habit of doing my daily oracle draw and hopefully the Monday night shadow work I've been doing will pick up again.

But if anyone has other suggestions on how to sneak it all into a busy schedule I'm open for ideas.  I've thought about dropping something but I just can't.  I need to work (bills, mortgage etc), I am so close to finishing school I'm not giving that up (four classes away), Soccer is sometimes the only exercise I get in a week (although giving that up may be out of my control if we can't pull a team together) and I will not have a stranger come in and clean my house (I just don't trust them no matter how vetted they are) and of course my coven is very important to me also.

So there are the ramblings of a distracted woman...but they are off the chest now :)

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