Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tarot Tuesday

And for something a little different today I present "The Tarot Game"

I found out about this on Aeclectic Tarot  and decided to purchase it for an upcoming Tea and Tarot night tomorrow.  There will be a range of people from those who know the tarot well and those who are in the various stages of learning it and so rather than making it perhaps a little intimidating by getting those who aren't secure in their knowledge to do readings for others I thought it would be fun to get this game and allow everyone to do readings for themselves based on their own level of expertise.  I think it will offer a great way to get to know people better also (assuming you have a group that is willing to get a little personal). It can also be used as a personal meditation tool as well which I will play with at a later date when I have more time (laughs)

So I will be 'test driving' this tomorrow night, I'll come back here and update how it all went.


After having had the pleasure of playing this now with a group of four other lovely women I have to say I definitely recommend it as an alternative to a typical tarot reading and a way to get the know the cards.  So here are some notes/opinions:

  • The instructions are a little vague on the whole use of real decks...but you can figure it out pretty quickly.
  • The descriptors of the 3 levels is a little misleading (really I take it as pick a level from 1-3 based on how deep a reading you want/are capable of doing).
  • Play this with people you know and trust - some of those questions can take you to deep, dark, and just damn personal places so you want to be able to feel comfortable voicing your answers and having others question and prompt.
  • As a meditative tool/way to learn to do your own readings it looks like it has a lot of potential.
  • The activity cards are interesting, though sometimes perhaps a little odd/irrelevant.
Overall, I'll play it again - both with a group and by myself.  I think you get as much out of it as you put into it.

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