Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Friday (1/18/13)

Okay, I'll be the first to admit I don't have a clue what to write about today - Free Friday and the lack of prompts is actually making it difficult for my somewhat still cold addled brain to form any kind of ideas that may be on interest to myself let alone anyone else.  In fact I've spent most of the last two days feeling somewhat like I'm functioning on a slightly different time dimension from the rest of the world.  But I do not want to fall out of the habit of sticking to my blog routine and so I feel I need to write something.  So I thought I'd drag myself on here and let you all know about the activity I'll be working on tomorrow that I will then post images of once it is done.

With the beginning of the new year it is time to create a new Dream tree - I believe I posted mine from last year on this blog somewhere :)  This tree will be my dreams for the year, what I hope to achieve and want to work on.  It functions somewhat like a vision board really.  I read the wonderful Roman's post on vision boards last night so I'm going to take a leaf out of that experience and try and focus on feelings and imagery and see how that goes.  I'll post pics over the weekend.


Well here it is, the finished Dream Tree for 2013.  Had such a wonderful time making this with some lovely friends.  Here's hoping it flourishes throughout the year.

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