Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Yes I know I missed yesterday's post - I have to be honest and say that when you spend all day and night researching magic and religion in the Greco-Roman world the last thing you want to do is write a theological post on your blog.  So I have to be honest with myself and say that maybe that particular weekly posting might get a little sporadic as my brain slowly melts out of my ears on the heavy stuff.

Today's Witchy Wednesday


Wise words - then again I love Rumi.  But I post this for a reason.  Monday I actually partook of the wisdom (I believe T. Thorn Coyle is where I read it, although I'm sure others have said it) of taking the time to address those negative thoughts from the past that constantly re-enter your mind over and over again and embracing them, acknowledging them and figuring out what caused it, what I learned from it and then allow yourself to embrace it as part of your whole life experience and move on.  There are many thoughts that come to me on a regular basis regarding things I have done in my past that I do not like, things that bring me shame or just bother me and I often push them down, tell myself to get over it and let it go, never taking the time to deal with them.  Monday I tried the other way - and wow, what a difference.  It was something relatively small and not overly emotional (other than I felt stupid about it at the time and since) but I took the time to embrace it, discuss it and work with it and it no longer bothers me.  I actually deliberately made myself think about it the next day and I could view it with a sense of just a part of the larger journey.  Definitely applying this practice to the rest of these things as they emerge, although I'm certain that some will take more effort than others.

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