Friday, March 15, 2013

Free Friday

Just thinking...

If you ever wondered whether magic and its practice is something that is real, that has a history, then I strongly suggest really taking some time to dig deep and research magic throughout history - you'll quickly find a world of answers and questions that will confirm within you the understanding that 'magical practices' must be true because they have been a part of society and culture for as long as we have recorded history.

One of the things I'm loving about doing my thesis is all the connections I'm seeing between magic in the ancient world and magic now.  That is to say, I can see where those who re-introduced/created the ideas of witchcraft that we hold in modern westernized society today got their ideas from.  Now that isn't to say that there is no truth to some of the information, I'm just critical/analytical enough to recognize that Wicca is a modern creation and as such while it draws on the ancient past, it isn't the magic of the ancient past.

What I do see is key ideas, elements and theories that have come through to us today.  It is funny to read up on some amazing new age idea that everyone is touting about and know that really the theory has been around for almost 2 thousand years more or less.  The other key thing you begin to notice is that the idea of 'magic' permeates all societies, that it is a key element in our understanding of the universe and given that most societies have similar ideas even when there was little to no contact indicates that there has to be some greater connection out there than people are willing to acknowledge.

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