Friday, April 12, 2013

Free Friday


How long do you think they'll wait?
Sending signs, pounding on the door, desperately trying to get my attention.
Hopes rise in moments of clarity, when it looks like I've got it,
and then I step back, the edge is too close, there is too much else to do.
Afraid to step forward, dive with arms spread wide and have faith in what is bellow.
Scared to step back too far and break the connection tentatively held.
To want, to need to ache to step forth and yet fight it, fear it.
Fear, not of failing but of succeeding.
Fear of letting go, of not having control.
Fear of being greater in self and having others notice that.
Fear is the journey though, I shall sit stagnant until it is conquered,
but will they sit their on the other side waiting for me?

Copyright Julie Grucza 2012-2013

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