Friday, August 16, 2013

Free Friday

I recently found a bunch of Haiku poems that I had done many years ago so I thought I'd post some of them here.

Rains gently nourish
flowers spring towards the light
hope is born anew

Fire burns so brightly
through the window of my soul
hope awakes from sleep

Thunder breaks silence
Rains pound upon the tin roof
Cold sinks its claws deep

Emotions grow so slowly
Like the flower beginning to bloom
healing my wounded heart

Once more justice fails
melting souls of innocence
shattering like glass

Open your soul child
Remember the lesson taught
And let your joy sound

Through the path of mists
a lantern your only light
learn the ways of old

Many paths are shown
Some with lights and some with thorns
Which one will you choose

Death is not the end
For each new seed is sown
Guarded by a star

Lavender is burnt
as the stones are softly cast
Past, Present, Future

Faeries drink the wine
dancing among the rosehip
in the evening breeze

Rain falls gently down
under the sacred rowan
a river is born

Weep for the beauty
of mother earths gentle touch
and the joy of spring

Roses bloom like fire
The willow sways in the breeze
witness the sacred

© All original content copyright Julie Grucza, 2012-2013

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