Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tarot Tuesday - April 10th, 2012

I thought I'd start this process by introducing the two decks that I own and the two that I hope to own very soon.  This way as I work through the tarot there is a reference point for my cards.

The Decks I Own:

First: Legacy of the Divine Tarot.  This is a fairly new deck for me and I haven't worked with it a great deal.  It has some beautiful imagery that resonates well.  I purchased it to help learn tarot because my other deck isn't quite the traditional deck that most are used to.

Second: The Druid Craft Tarot.  This was the first deck I ever owned.  It was one of those ones where I walked around the store over and over picking it up and putting it down until finally my husband got sick of it all and purchased it for me.  I love this deck.  It isn't quite your traditional deck and the cards are slightly oversized.

The Two I Covet:

The Steampunk Tarot: by Barbara Moore

Shadowscapes Tarot: Barbara Moore

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