Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wellness Wednesday - April 11th, 2012

Today's Wellness Wednesday is Organics.

I cannot recommend highly enough organic products.  While I know some people who think it is just a marketing scheme and that there is no helpful benefits, I could not agree less.  The saddest thing about Organics here in California (I don't know about the US as a whole) is that they're just so damn expensive and not always the easiest things to come by.  Of course if you have a yard you can grow your own organic garden but not everyone has that luxury.  I am quite lucky that I now have a Whole Foods near us.  There is also a company that will deliver organic produce to your door (although that didn't work out so well for us - I'm fussy and like to choose my produce).  There is of course the issue with Whole Foods that not everything that is organic is locally grown and I know that buying local is definitely a better option but not always a viable one.

So why do I love organics?  Because it not only is better for you, but it tastes so much better.  We first got hooked on organics in New Zealand.  There we were lucky, we had a delivery service for the produce and an organic butcher for our meats and eggs.  We also had three different organic/natural stores within easy driving distance where we could get everything else for the house - and best of all - the grocery bill wasn't any more than if we purchased regular items from the grocery store.  We noticed the taste difference straight away - things had flavor (not much regular produce or meat does anymore), you could eat a salad without piling on the dressing because each vegetable was full of flavor.  Of course after a few weeks we noticed the health and energy benefits as well and that sold us on the process.  I used to have an organic beauty range that I used too - it was a NZ brand, and I received so many compliments on the quality of my skin when I was using it.

And of course this doesn't even go into the earth conscious parts of the argument for organic produce.

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