Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Musing Monday (1/7/13)

Okay, its a day late on this one, yesterday was my 7 year anniversary so I opted to spend the day with hubby instead :)

Today's Musing comes cutesy of something found on pinterest again (yes, I'm addicted) and is just a little something to get the mind thinking.

I found this wonderful tree of contemplative practices that lists a great variety of common contemplative practices that people can take place in and decided to snag it as a reminder of the different practices that are open to us in creating a connection and awareness of ourselves and the all.

The original tree can be found at The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society where they have details on each of the activities listed.  They also have a downloadable blank pdf so that you can design your own tree which I think could be quite a worthy activity to do.

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