Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Being in the Moment

Being in the Moment

I found this wonderful image on Pinterest and had to snag it.  It is now up on my monitor at work and is going to be put up on my monitor at home, my ritual area, on my phone, on the fridge, on my mirror - basically any place I will see it on a regular basis.  Why?  Because this simple act is so damned important to our everyday life and our spiritual practice.  How often are you actually 'in' the moment, fully present and fully participating with all your senses and being?  I've noticed that for me this is something I've lost some of my connection to.  With the frantic pace that I have kept up with school and work and life I've forgotten how to 'be' in a moment, to stop and appreciate it, to be fully present in it and how much that adds to the experience that is life.

Being in the moment allows us to connect on a deeper level and this deeper connection allows us to feel and be part of the magic of this world.  Developing this skill helps us with our spiritual practice, not just on a day to day basis but in our rituals and magic working also.  Meditation and daily prayer takes on a whole new level when we can be fully present in the experience, shut down our frantic minds and tune in to the world.  If we can't be in the moment, we can't effectively practice because we cannot truly tune in to the energies of the world around us and to our inner power and intent.

To be present in each moment is to better know yourself and to be comfortable with yourself.  How many people are comfortable alone in their own mind?  If we can master being alone with ourselves and yet feeling connected to the all we can deepen our connection with the all.

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