Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

I've been thinking a lot about the power of words.  I'm not really talking here about the power of magical words or word systems (although that is a fascinating topic) I'm talking about the power that words can hold when used to help us.

We all know that words can hurt, they can do damage to us that can take a lifetime to repair.  Words can also set us free.  What has this got to do with Witchy Wednesday?  To me this path is about knowing our selves and our own power better and therefore all these random topics about self discovery, self love, my poetry etc they all are a part of my journey on this path.  If we know not ourselves, deep within, how can we connect with that part of us that is a part of everything?

So back to words.  I personally am a big supporter of the idea of using words to heal.  For me this most often presents itself with the use of the written word.  While I don't consider myself to be someone who isn't capable of articulated speech I find that I engage my brain filters less when writing it out in a blog post, a poem, a journal entry, a letter etc than if I am trying to verbally express these ideas.  And it helps.  It really does.

There doesn't need to be a ritual attached to it - although I am one who often uses the method of writing out my feelings in ritual setting and disposing off the negatives in various ways (burning the paper etc).  One of the most powerful things I've done in the past 24 months was a ritual to finally cut some of those ties that have bound me to my father and his abuse.  I had a beautiful antique style dresser mirror that I had received as a gift from him when I was about 13 I think.  It was beautiful so I kept it with me as I traveled and grew, but it was also a constant reminder that it was the one nice thing that I got out of a shitty and abusive relationship, so when I finally reached a point in my life that I needed to cut all ties, that I needed to purge something out of my life I grabbed that mirror, and I scribbled all my feelings stemming from him all over the glass in sharpie, and when I was fully purged I trashed it.  It felt great.

But that is a specific example, I use words all the time to work with my feelings, to sort things in my mind.  I write poetry, I journal, I write emails to people that I'm mad with that I then delete instead of sending.  I use my words to express my thoughts, I put my personal power into them and I let them be my power.  My poetry and journaling allows me to express how I feel, without my even realizing I'm feeling that way sometimes.  Just seeing the words on paper makes me stop and think about those feelings, what triggered them, what can I take away from this, what needs healing in me - all those little questions that are part of learning who I am.

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  1. Your a bright beginning to my day and a beautiful sunset to my nights, Love and hugs to you always!