Friday, November 8, 2013

Free Friday

Just something I've been pondering.

Is there something about neo-pagan paths that causes a higher frequency of disintegration of groups and splitting of paths?  Is it because we are encouraged to seek our own truths and to stand firm in our own beliefs that results in the high frequency of groups that eventually no longer exist?  In the last 5 years I've seen an amazing number of groups that I've either belonged to, or known people who belong to, fall apart unable to sustain a system that satisfied everyone.  Is this the curse of neo-paganism, that by being a path that doesn't dictate it inevitably sees all the fledglings fly the nest?  Is this necessarily a bad thing?  There are certainly experiences that one can only achieve through working with other people, yet I find that our path really does tend to lead to a more solitary undertaking.  For me personally my ideal would be to practice solitary and meet with a group just for a celebration of the Sabbats.  If we wanted to go down the road of claiming to draw  roots from ancient traditions (that's a whole other rant I'll do one day) then this really is a more accurate reflection of how acts would have been run.

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