Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A spell for clarity

A Simple Spell to Gain Clarity on an issue

Timing: Dark Moon

* A black candle - representative of the goddess of night Nyx
* A tool for divination of your choice


1. Cleanse and consecrate you space.  If you like to cast a circle and call quarters etc for you spell work please do so now.

2. Ground and center and then lighting the candle speak the following:  "I call upon the goddess of the night, within whose mysterious darkness wisdom can be found.  I call upon the goddess of the night, and ask that you aide me in my search.  Guide me way within your shadowy depths.  Assist me to see that which would otherwise be hidden, and to seek clarity within the depths."

3. Take some time to solidify your connection with the goddess and then proceed to perform your desired action for diving clarification by using a divination tool or through meditation.

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